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Jonathan Tammuz, Producer

Jonathan Tammuz - Director

A British-Canadian citizen, Jonathan Tammuz has a career that spans decades, continents and languages. Jonathan Tammuz was nominated for an Academy Award in 1990 for his short film "The Childeater". Since that time, he has been integrally involved in film production in Spain, Switzerland, Ghana, Germany, Niger, Israel, Eastern Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

His 1997 feature "Minotaur" (Columbia/HBO) was nominated for Best Film at the Israeli Film Academy Awards. The 1998 feature film "Rupert's Land", also directed by Jonathan Tammuz, was nominated for five Genie Awards (Canadian Academy Awards) including Best Picture and Best Director, and picked up the Leo Award for Best Director and Best Picture.

A graduate of the National Film and Television School (UK), Jonathan has worked for Channel 4 where he directed a short, a feature and a documentary.

He is currently working in development with Dilemma Productions on a number of projects.