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Oliver Stoltz, Producer

Oliver Stoltz - Producer and Managing Director
Dreamer Joint Venture Filmproduktion GmbH

Oliver Stoltz was born in Bonn in 1969. After his final secondary school examinations he studied at the Hochschule fur Film und Fernsehen “Konrad Wolf” (Academy of Film and Television) in Babelsberg (Potsdam-Berlin). He graduated at the University of Southern California (Los Angeles) with a Master of Fine Arts in Motion Picture Producing. Already as a young student he worked as a freelance creative producer for several German and American film production and distribution companies and was managing director of “Pic’s Film & TV”. Oliver Stoltz reached his first career height in 1996, being an associate producer of the acclaimed “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”, then the most successful German film (released theatrically) in almost a decade. Oliver Stoltz founded “Dreamer Joint Venture Filmproduktion GmbH” in 1997. In 2004/2005 Oliver Stoltz made his debut as director with the documentary LOST CHILDREN, a film about former child soldiers in Nothern Uganda, which won the German Film Award 2006 for “Best Documentary” and several international prizes and which’s world premiere was at the Berlin International Film Festival / Panorama 2005.


2005 - “Leroy”, comedy.
Written & Directed by Armin Volckers
Produced by Oliver Stoltz & Marc Wilkins

2004 - “Lost Children” (Verlorene Kinder), documentary.

Written & Directed by Ali Samadi Ahadi, Oliver Stoltz
Produced by Oliver Stoltz.

2003 - “There’s Always Something” (Irgendwas ist immer), comedy (title as aired: “Wie man seinen Ex verlasst” (Push & Pull))

ProSieben Television GmbH
Written & Directed by Peter Palatsik
Produced by Oliver Stoltz

2000/2001 - “Life calling” (Schluss mit lustig!), romantic comedy
ProSieben Television GmbH
Written by Martin Gypkens
Directed by Isabel Kleefeld
Produced by Oliver Stoltz

1998 - “Kai Rabe vs. Vatikankillers” (Kai Rabe gegen die Vatikankiller), comedy
Warner Bros. Film GmbH
Written & Directed by Thomas Jahn
Produced by Oliver Stoltz

1997 -“Heartroads” (Herzbeben – Die Nacht in der sie ihn verlie?), romantic drama
RTL Television GmbH
Written & Directed by Thomas Jahn
Produced by Oliver Stoltz

1996 - “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”, comedy
Mr. Brown Entertainment/ Buena Vista International
Written by Thomas Jahn, Til Schweiger
Directed by Thomas Jahn
Produced by Til Schweiger
Associate Producer: Oliver Stoltz

1995 - “Man, Woman and Dog” (Herr, Frau und Hund), documentary
ZDF “Kleines Fernsehspiel”
Written & Directed by Alice Agneskircher
Produced by Oliver Stoltz

“Revenge” (Rache), drama
HFF Babelsberg for MDF, ORB, Arte
Written by Thomas Brussig
Directed by Bernd Michael Lade
Produced by Oliver Stoltz

1994 - “eclipse rave”, music documentary
Osterreichischer Rundfunk and BBC
Written & Directed by Peter Wei?
Produced by Oliver Stoltz