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Peter Klein, Director

Peter Klein - Director

Peter W. Klein is an Emmy Award-winning documentary director and journalist who has spent the past ten years as a producer at the CBS News program  60 Minutes.  He and Mike Wallace received widespread attention for their two-year-long investigation into the former Soviet Union's clandestine weapons programs, as well as South Africa's Cold War-era biowarfare project.  Peter produced or co-produced every one of Wallace's post-9/11 reports, including the first US network examination into the US intelligence community's use of torture.

As assignment editor at New York Times Television, Peter oversaw a wide range of projects, many of which documented the transitions in Europe, Russia and Central Asia as the Soviet Union and communist bloc collapsed.  His 1995 documentary on the scourge of landmines left over from US-Soviet proxy conflicts was hailed by anti-landmine advocacy groups as a complex, serious treatment of the subject and inspired some of the work that led to the Nobel Peace Prize for the International Campaign to Ban Landmines.   He covered the war in Bosnia, as well as the repatriation of Jean Bertrand Aristide to Haiti and the US-led invasion of Iraq.  Peter and CBS reporter Bob Simon conducted the first and to-date only Western TV interview with the radial Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.

At ABC News, Peter worked as a producer at the Law & Justice Unit, which conducted the prescient 1998 interview with a little-known Muslim extremist named Osama bin Laden.  Peter also led the investigation into domestic terrorist attacks in the American south, mostly on abortion clinics by a group calling itself the "Army of God."  Peter and reporter Elizabeth Vargas' Emmy-nominated investigation into the wrongful imprisonment of a Rochester woman helped get her freed after 25 years behind bars.  His year-long documentary on doctor-assisted suicide was featured as a rare two-part special for Nightline, as was Peter and Ted Koppel's six-month-long documentary following a sex offender from the day of his release from prison over the course of his reintroduction to society under strict new notification laws in Oregon.

In 2006 Peter launched a new investigative series for History Channel (US) called "Beyond Top Secret," which examines clandestine projects around the world.  The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Jon Stewart's Daily Show all gave the program rave reviews, and it was nominated for two Emmys last year.

Peter was also one of the producers of the Academy Award-nominated documentary Speaking in Strings, the story of the violinist Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg.

In addition to his professional work, Peter is an assistant professor at the University of British Columbia' Graduate School of Journalism, where he runs the TV and documentary program and has just launched an international reporting program.  He has previously taught at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism and New York University.  He is also an accomplished jazz pianist and has played in clubs around the world