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Dan Schlanger and the cast and crew of "Night at Federicos"    

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Dan Schlanger

Dilemma Productions Inc. (DPI) is a Canadian film & TV production company developing independent Canadian projects that balance quality and budget, ensuring best production values without compromising creative goals.

The President of DPI, Dan Schlanger, brings to the company 25 years of successful film production and entrepreneurial experience. His production team is completed by a support group of well-respected consultants and advisers.


  • DPI is a privately owned Canadian corporation that was established July 1st, 2001. Our principal purpose and business is to develop and produce independent, commercially viable, Canadian television, documentaries and feature films.
  • DPI wants to tell Canadian stories that celebrate diversity, heritage and culture of all Canadians.
  • Our mandate is to use well-established and proven cast and crew, as well as to offer opportunities to up-and-coming Canadian creators: actors, directors, writers, and designers, etc.


  • DPI is focusing on producing Canadian content films.
  • That means our projects will be eligible for federal and provincial tax credits, which can amount to as much as 22% of the budget.
  • Where appropriate, all efforts will be made to access government and private funds available for development and production.
  • Pre-sales and pre-licensing agreements will bring buyers into the picture early, ensuring that the final product is commercially viable. In this way we can reassure potential investors that they will see returns.
  • DPI has strong business connections with UK, Israel and Romania, and is always looking for projects that would be suitable as co-productions with these countries. We are also seeking co-productions with other local and foreign markets.
  • DPI welcomes clients who would benefit from the low cost of production in Romania. Taking advantage of the Co-production Treaty between Canada and Romania, we can seek co-producers, or we can provide production services. Either way, we can navigate our way through the local industry to provide the best and most competent service at the best rates for our projects and clients.


  • Development - research, script reports, story-editing, project packaging, budgeting, scheduling.
  • Production - Line producing. With our experience in both the creative and business areas production, our expertise is realistic and efficient.
  • Packaging - DPI has developed a network of relationships with a core group of professionals and businesses that provide services to the film industry, enabling us to offer competitively priced packages, without carrying the overhead which outright ownership or full-time staff would require.


  • We have experience in both the creative and business areas of motion picture production. We can create budgets and schedules that are realistic and efficient.
  • DPI's commitment to quality will ensure low-budget films with much higher production value on screen than their budgets would indicate both for documentaries and feature films.


Dilemma Productions Inc. is here to assist foreign and local producers and executive producers looking for Vancouver-based partners who have the experience required to produce quality films.