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The Life and Times of Arthur Erickson
The Film

The following people provided interviews which were included in the film. We wish to thank the many others who were also interviewed, but did not appear in the film (see credits).

Bing Thom - Architect and former colleague.

Donald Sutherland - Actor, friend.

Susan Oakley - Architect and former colleague.

Trevor Boddy - Architecture Critic for the Vancouver Sun.

Christopher Erickson - Nephew

Shirley MacLaine - Actor, friend.

David Y. H. Lui - Impresario and producer. Erickson friend.

Lois Milsom - Friend and colleague. Vancouver real estate developer.

Michael McCann - Architectural Illustrator, colleague.

Moshe Safdie - One of Canada's most prominent architects.

Nicholas Olsberg - Architecture critic and historian. Former director of the Canadian Center for Architecture in Montreal.