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The Life and Times of Arthur Erickson
The Film

"Architecture doesn't come from theory. You don't think your way through a building. You have to see a building to comprehend it… Only by moving through a space do we come to understand it, to feel it."
- Arthur Erickson

A definitive portrait of the life, work and vision of Canada's greatest architect, Arthur Erickson.  His life is an astonishing tale of achievement combined with fascinating drama and passion.  The documentary features interviews with former colleagues, high profile friends, family and critics.

Over the course of his long career, Erickson has designed hundreds of buildings, including famed structures such as Simon Fraser University, the Museum of Anthropology at UBC, Vancouver’s Law Courts, Toronto's Roy Thomson Hall, the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC, and the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington.

A highly controversial character, Erickson has a legacy of both architectural success and personal drama.  Few can deny that he is the most important architect and one of the most interesting personalities that Canada has ever produced.

The film roams and glides through Erickson's buildings, recreating the remarkable experience of entering one of his creations; a journey that urges the viewer to discover the man.  Arthur Erickson is a complex figure who has never lost sight of the original goal of architecture-to ennoble the place and the people who use it.