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Dan Schlanger

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      A Television Series

Moose Productions & Dilemma Productions

Animal Planet Investigates will be an on-going series for Animal Planet, in which we examine a range of topics including wildlife smuggling, illegal wild horse slaughters, the counterfeit fur industry, African big game poaching – any injustice that might be of interest to viewers who care about  animals.

With the investigative qualities of 60 Minutes and the storytelling sensibilities of Dateline, Animal Planet Investigates will take us around the world, from India to China and from Thailand to Europe delving deep into these topics and weaving a dramatic narrative thread that will keep viewers watching and wanting to come back for more.  Occasional re-enactments will help tell stories of recent cases, and we will be on the scene for some active investigations as well.

Viewers will be brought along on the journey of investigation with reporter Mark Miller, a respected political reporter who hosts the popular Animal Planet Canada program Xtremely Wild with Mark Miller.  Mark will take us undercover to a wildlife black market in Bangkok, with Fish & Wildlife agents as they hunt down wild horse poachers in the Utah, and in a small plane spotting elephant hunters over the African plains. Mark will also take us to China, behind the scene of a big night operation of the Chinese police cracking on the smugglers of rare endangered Asian spices.