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Press Release
Creative Team

Annick Press is pleased to announce that it has optioned, through Aurora Artists, feature film rights to Allan Stratton’s award-winning, bestselling novel Chanda’s Secrets to Dilemma Productions (Dan Schlanger) and Dreamer Joint Venture Productions (Oliver Stoltz).

In this groundbreaking novel, Allan Stratton masterfully creates a riveting journey into the devastating whirlwind of the African HIV/AIDS pandemic. Readers around the globe have responded. Following its initial North American publication in 2004, Chanda’s Secrets has been translated into seven languages and is available in almost 20 countries. 

In the creation of the novel, Stratton visited mortuaries, cattle posts and towns in sub-Saharan Africa, speaking with front line HIV/AIDS workers and broken families. Yet in the midst of the pandemic, this is a story that honors life, where the human spirit responds to even the most severe circumstances.

In a truly international collaboration befitting the scope of this extraordinary novel, Canada’s Dilemma Productions and Germany’s Dreamer Joint Venture Productions have hired South African Oliver Schmitz as director and Canadian Dennis Foon as screenwriter.

Vancouver-based Dilemma Productions has won numerous awards, most notably the World Gold Medal at the New York Film Festival for The Life and Times of Arthur Erickson.  Dreamer Joint Venture Productions received international attention, including the 2006 German Film Award, for its documentary Lost Children on child soldiers in Northern Uganda. Oliver Schmitz, who most recently directed a piece in the critically acclaimed film Paris, je t’aime, brings an innate knowledge of his native South Africa to this film.

"I wrote Chanda's Secrets to put a human face to the Sub-Saharan AIDS pandemic. It's a visually charged story that reaches audiences of all ages.  A film version, created on location by South African director Oliver Schmitz, is a dream come true." —Allan Stratton, author.

Chanda’s Secrets has received unanimous international praise. Winner of the 2005 Africana Book Award, the novel was also named a Michael L. Printz Honor Book and was a finalist for the Prix Sorciere of France. Annick Press has been publishing quality literature for children and youth for over 30 years.

For more information, please contact:
Rick Wilks, director, rickw@annickpress.com

Dan Schlanger, producer, info@dilemmaproductions.ca