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a movie musical co-production of
Ghost Films and Dilemma Productions

based on the hit musical
of the 2003 Vancouver Fringe Festival

Produced by
Dan Schlanger and Howard Dancyger

In Development

Phat Tank: A Post-Rock Garage Opera

The NoFun™ regime closed their steely grip on the masses, and banned all forms of music, singing and dancing. Then a courageous woman named PHUNKARELLA led a rag-tag band of disonant believers who rose up to awaken the peoples' need for rhythm and soul. Phunkarella created a phantastic beat-making machine - the PHAT TANK - but before the Phat Tank could be deployed, she was killed and her only child LUPE was taken to an orphanage and indoctrinated in the ways of the ruling class.

Years later, the new resistance led by philharmonic phat-daddy SPROUT and the beautiful mute empath DILETTA have created powerful centres of sonic energy - the underground PHUNKHOUSES. To defeat the Forces of NoFun™ forever, they must find the mythical Phat Tank and defeat the lead enforcers of NoFun™: Lupe, the dangerously attractive SILENCER, their henchmen EVERYMAN B.6 and EVERYMAN B12, and the rest of the sterilizing crew.

Will the Everymen awaken from their dronelike existence? Will Lupe discover his true destiny? Will the Silencer turn out to be a cross-dressing cyborg?

The story begins...

Official Phat Tank Website