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Executive Producers
Susin Nielsen & Gary Harvey

Produced by
Dan Schlanger

Directed by
Mike Jackson

Written and Co-Produced by
Peter New

Peter DeLuise
Simone Bailly
Peter New


The Bar tells the story of Mac, a down-and-out writer who thinks he's lost everything, and Adeline, a hooker with a history of feeling out of place, as they reveal truths about each other.

They eventually discover what they're looking for through the exposure of their inner turmoil as represented by cans of soup and enormous signage.

The Bar is a typical boy-meets-girl story involving chicken breasts,
pool sharks, and a xylophone. Film noir meets Airplane!

This bar is the place where nobody knows your name.

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A Dilemma Productions - Steam Powered Films Co-Production

Made possible with the support of Hot Shots Short Film Fund.